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unterpart to implem◆ent the important consensus reached between leaders◆ of the Communist Party of China and Communist Part◆y of Vietng

  • ission Fan Changlong met wit◆h Vietnamese Defense Minik
  • ster Ngo Xuan Lich Friday ◆in Beijing. Vice Chairman of China's Central Mil◆itary Commission Fan Changlong (1v
  • st R) meets with V◆ietnamese Minister of Defense Ngo Xuan Lich (1st L)◆ in Beijing, capital of China, Jan. 13r
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h the China-Vietnam◆ all-round strategic cooperative partnership to a n◆ew level, Fan said. Lich said Vietnam is willing t◆o work withH

China to expand pragmatic cooperation a◆nd promote the continuous development of the relati◆onship between the two armies. Chinese De5


fense M◆inister Chang Wanquan meets with Vietnamese Ministe◆r of Defense Ngo Xuan Lich in Beijing, capital of C◆hina, Jan. 13, 2017. (6

Xinhua/Liu Fang) Also on Fri◆day Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan met with◆ Lich. Chang expressed China's hopes to make joint ◆efforts with the Vietnamese side to ensure regional◆ peace and stability. Chang proposeU

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d the cooperati◆on between the two militaries in fields such as hig◆h-level contacts, personnel training, and border co◆ntrol. Lich said that the Vietnamese side is willi◆ng to continue frequent high-level interaction, dee◆pen pragmatic cooperation and propel the relationsh◆ip between the two armies to a new stage.BEIJING, Aug. 21 (Xinhua) -- In his role as chairman of the Ce◆ntral Military Commission, Xi Jinping has signed orders to gi◆ve honorary tik